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Do you do everything in your power to keep your furry family members healthy for as many years as possible? How often do you take your pets to the vet? Do you wait until your pet is sick or injured before taking him or her in for an examination? Did you know that there are several illnesses that can be caught early during a regular well visit? Go to our blog to find out what your vet could find in your pet that could save his or her life if it is caught early. By the time you finish reading, you will be ready to schedule a well-visit for your furry family member.

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2 Signs That You Need to Take Your Cat to the Vet

Having a cat around the house can be a lot of fun, but that cat will also need some work on your part in order to make sure that he or she remains as healthy and happy as possible. Part of this means that you will have to know when to take your cat to the vet. Improper litter box use and loud meowing are signs that it is time to take your cat to the vet.

Improper Litter Box Use

One of the biggest signs that something may be wrong with your cat is if he or she is no longer using the litter box. Now, before you take your cat to the vet you will want to make sure that the litter box is clean, mostly because a full or foul-smelling box can drive your cat away from the box.

If the box is clean, a vet visit is especially important if you have a male cat. This is because male cats will often utilize cool or soft surfaces to urinate on if they are dealing with a kidney infection or kidney stones. A vet is vital if your cat has kidney stones because that condition can cause a cat to degrade and die in a very short period of time.

Loud Meowing

Another sign that something is wrong with your cat is if he or she has started to meow very loudly. Sure, a lot of cats are going to be quite vocal, but it is pretty rare for them to meow at the top of their lungs.

If that level of meowing is occurring, your cat may need to see the vet due to severe pain. In that situation, the vet can provide painkillers to make your cat more comfortable while he or she finds and treats the source of the discomfort.

Another possible reason for the loud meowing is that the cat could be going deaf. In that situation, it is going to take time for your cat to adjust to the lost hearing and stop being stressed. A vet can provide you with tips that can help your cat calm down and adjust faster, while also potentially halting the hearing loss if it is occurring due to a treatable condition.

Speak to an animal hospital in order to schedule a checkup for your cat. A vet can help you deal with any health issues that may be resulting in improper litter box use and loud meowing.