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vet well-visits for your pets

Do you do everything in your power to keep your furry family members healthy for as many years as possible? How often do you take your pets to the vet? Do you wait until your pet is sick or injured before taking him or her in for an examination? Did you know that there are several illnesses that can be caught early during a regular well visit? Go to our blog to find out what your vet could find in your pet that could save his or her life if it is caught early. By the time you finish reading, you will be ready to schedule a well-visit for your furry family member.

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Two Of The Most Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Their Pets Are Sick

Having a sick pet can be a pretty rough experience for both of you. Obviously, animals can't really care for themselves, so it's up to owners to provide proper care. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes that pet owners make when their animals are feeling sick - mistakes that can actually end up making things worse. Here's a look at two of the most common mistakes pet owners make when their animal is ill. Read More 

Feline Heart Disease: 5 Signs It Could Be Affecting Your Cat

If you have cats in your family, you should know that they're susceptible to heart disease. Sadly, they usually don't exhibit noticeable signs until the disease has progressed to life-threatening status. Luckily, there are some tale-tell signs that can give you enough time to get your cat to the veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. Here are five signs you need to be aware of.   General Appearance of Sickness Read More 

Pot Bellied Pigs In The City

While the popularity of pot bellied pigs as pets has waned in urban areas, they are still available and legal in many cities. While they are intelligent and affectionate, they also have special needs that may make them unsuitable for many urban homes. The main concerns are medical and behavioral issues. Medical concerns Spaying and neutering will be the first important concern. An intact female pot bellied pig will not present too many problems, unless, of course, there is an intact male companion. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Pet Adoption

Unlike acquiring a new piece of furniture for your home, adopting a pet requires a multi-year commitment. An adopted pet will have the same issues as an adopted child. Some pets weather the transition well, while others may have abandonment or previous abuse issues that must be handled with patience. Adoption has both good and bad points, and like anything else good in life, sometimes you need to do some research before making a long term commitment. Read More 

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Vaccinating Your Cat

While vaccinating your cat is essential to keeping him or her in peak health for a very long time, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind about vaccinations in order to keep your cat as healthy as possible. When vaccinating your cat, keep in mind that not every cat needs every vaccination, not all vaccines need to be done at the same intervals, and there are possible side effects to vaccination. Read More